Completed Work

Mug Project Final

Hey Everyone,

Below is the final product of my mug project. I learned a ton working on this picture re-creation, and I would recommend re-creating pictures to anybody who wants to improve their skills. I rendered it in cycles with 4,400 samples. The total render time was 5h 45m. My next project will be creating a new header for the website! Hope you all like it! Questions and critiques are welcome as always. (Click to enlarge photo).


Christmas Competition Final

Hey Everyone,

Below is my final product for Blender Guru’s Christmas competition. I sadly had to cut it short because I am traveling to France  and my laptop won’t be able to handle that scene. As always, critiques and comments are welcome, however I can’t do a tutorial for this one for the same reason that I couldn’t completely finish it. I ended up using Blender internal because I couldn’t figure out some little things in cycles. Hope you all like it! (Click to enlarge photo).