Welcome to Dirigible CG

Hey Everyone,
My name is Winslow Mohr, and I started making 3D renderings in October, 2011. Last year, as a senior in high school, I was accepted to Clemson University; I have deferred for a year because I am a little young. I think it is a good idea, anyway.
Next fall I will be majoring in computer science and minoring in Digital Production Arts (DPA). I was bored one day, and asked my friend for some suggestions for things to do. He proposed I look up DPA on the Clemson website to see if there is anything I can do to prepare for it and to make sure I really want to minor in it.  I found they teach their students how to use a 3D rendering program called Blender. Not knowing what it was, I downloaded Blender and began watching tutorials to learn about all it has to offer. I figured out the answer is: a lot. Since then I have been working on learning new techniques and refining the techniques I already know. I created this website as a portfolio for my work, and a blog, so people can follow along with what I’m doing and ask questions. I’m really excited to get working on this, and I hope you all like what you see.


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