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Making an object curve

Hey Everyone,

So I don’t have any noticeable progress on the bridge yet, but I wanted to talk about, as the title says, how to make an object curve. As far as I know, there are two ways you can do this. The first, and also the easiest, is only useful if you want a very simple curve in only one direction. For this method, you just use simple deform, and set it to bend. After you’ve done that, I would recommend setting an origin, because that gives you more control over how the bridge bends.

The other method is by using the curve modifier. Many people prefer this because it gives them more control over the curve their object follows. To do this, create the type of curve that fits with the way you want your object to curve (Bezier, Circle, Nurbs, etc.), make the curve the same size as the  object you want to be curved, then place the curve over the object. Then, you select the object you want to be curved, go to the modifiers panel, and select the curve modifier. This was much more difficult for me to use, but after some tweaking, you can usually get it to cooperate. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.


Bridge Update

Hey Everyone,

I have been playing around with the sky and the water, and have also added a buoy to the scene. I tried to make the waves smaller to make the bridge look less like a model, but I ended up with way too man polys (34 million). I am still trying to find some way to do that though, and I will post another picture and explanation when I do. The picture of my most recent render is below. (Click to enlarge photo).

Bridge Semi- Final

Hey Everyone,

So before I worked on compositing the sky and ocean scene, I decided to try and put the sky and ocean into my bridge scene. I tweaked everything a little bit to make the scene look right, and the horizon is still kind of abrupt, but all in all I like the outcome. The reason it is my semi- final is because, as I said before, I probably will tweak some of the textures, and add more objects to the scene to give it some substance. Below is my result, hope you all like it! (Click to enlarge photo).

Sky and Ocean

In trying to get a good looking sky and ocean, I stumbled upon this tutorial. It is a great tutorial taking you through all of the steps of using the cycles render engine, and the ocean modifier to create a realistic- looking sky and ocean scene. It then takes you through setting up the composite nodes to finish off the scene. Below is the scene I made while following the tutorial, before the final setting up of the composite nodes. I will post the final outcome when it’s finished. (Click to enlarge photo).

Bridge Project

Hello Everyone,

I started a project a little while ago to try and replicate this picture. Unfortunately, I haven’t been keeping too many screen shots of the progress, and I started this blog in the middle of the project, so for this one I will just start posting progress from where I am currently. I have modeled the bridge itself, and am now working on texturing the ocean and the sky. I may also add some boats, buoys, etc. to the picture to add more substance to it. Below is a picture of where I am currently, and I will post more updates as I make some progress. (Click to enlarge photo).

Welcome to Dirigible CG

Hey Everyone,
My name is Winslow Mohr, and I started making 3D renderings in October, 2011. Last year, as a senior in high school, I was accepted to Clemson University; I have deferred for a year because I am a little young. I think it is a good idea, anyway.
Next fall I will be majoring in computer science and minoring in Digital Production Arts (DPA). I was bored one day, and asked my friend for some suggestions for things to do. He proposed I look up DPA on the Clemson website to see if there is anything I can do to prepare for it and to make sure I really want to minor in it.  I found they teach their students how to use a 3D rendering program called Blender. Not knowing what it was, I downloaded Blender and began watching tutorials to learn about all it has to offer. I figured out the answer is: a lot. Since then I have been working on learning new techniques and refining the techniques I already know. I created this website as a portfolio for my work, and a blog, so people can follow along with what I’m doing and ask questions. I’m really excited to get working on this, and I hope you all like what you see.