Progress “Photo Realism” Competition

Well I’ve made a little progress, but this head is giving me a ton of trouble. I think I’m just going to continue with the rest, then get back to the head after. (Click to enlarge image)


New Competition and Progress

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m back! There’s a new Blender Guru competition, and I’m going to enter into it. For the competition I will be modeling Link, the main character from the Legend of Zelda. Below is the progress on his head. (Click to Enlarge Image).

Progress on “Perfect Holiday”

So when thinking of how to make the snowboarding character, I was met with a dilemma: I don’t have the time to model a human, and I can’t use makehuman or any other generator program for this competition. Then, with the help of a friend, I came up with the idea to just model a simple minecraft person, and texture it myself. It ended up being good practice for UV mapping. Although I really wanted to do an actual human model, I will have to leave that for a later project. Anyway, my latest update is below. I chose to render in cycles, because I like the look of it better. Hope you all like it!

Progress With Holiday Contest

Below is the progress I’ve made on my “Perfect Holiday” competition entry. I went with cycles for this one, and I only rendered about 100 samples because it is just to show my scene setup. If you have any questions about the scene so far, please feel free to ask. (Click to Enlarge Photo).

New Blender Guru Competition: The Perfect Holiday

I know i’ve posted a bunch of these with rarely actually finishing my entry due to computer problems. This time I really hope to finish it. My idea for the competition is a snowboarder in the process of doing a tailgrab of some sort. I have a VERY basic scene set up, and you can find that below. I will be posting updates when I have them. I really like this competition, and am pumped to see my idea come to life. You can check out the competition page here. (Click to Enlarge Photo).

I’m Back! (And New Project)

Hello Everyone,
I am back in the US, and I now have my desktop! That means I’m starting to blend again after a month of not being able to. I have a very early on WIP of an orchid. My main problem with it is that I was really lazing with the modeling, and I haven’t even begun to make the SSS for the flower petals. Also, I need to add water to the vase. So in the updates you may not see much of a change with the scene, but hopefully you will notice the petals and the stem getting better. Here it is! (Click to enlarge photo)

“Saying Goodbye” Competition Results

The results are in for the Blender Guru “Saying Goodbye” competition, and all I can say is, “WOW.” There are some absolutely amazing entries, and I am still amazed at what blender can do. I am sad that I didn’t get to finish my project/enter, but congratulations to all of the winners!

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